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    Do pawn shops give more for pawning or selling?

    Usu­al­ly, you can get more cash for out­right sell­ing your item. Nev­er­the­less, when you secure a pawn loan, you get mon­ey now and the option to reclaim your item lat­er. Whether you get more out of pawn­ing or sell­ing your item depends on your sit­u­a­tion at the time. Please note that a pawn­bro­ker may offer you more or less than what you want for an item. Know­ing what you want for your item based on its cur­rent val­ue will help you negotiate.


    What can I pawn for the most money?

    As a gen­er­al rule, expen­sive fine jew­el­ry and sought-after firearms will pawn for the most mon­ey. How­ev­er, some Macon pawn shops may accept oth­er high-val­ue items. Things like musi­cal instru­ments, high-end pow­er tools, and expen­sive cur­rent gam­ing sys­tems also will have high pawn val­ue. On a side note, fine jew­el­ry is the most pop­u­lar item peo­ple pawn in pawn shops. This sta­tis­tic is prob­a­bly due to the con­sis­tent­ly pop­u­lar habit of pawn­ing and re-pawn­ing engage­ment rings.

    What will pawn shops not buy?

    Here is a list of the items pawn shops across the Unit­ed States do not buy. The fol­low­ing items are what pawn shops fre­quent­ly turn down.

    • Com­mon Base­ball Cards
    • Pearl Neck­laces
    • Motor­cy­cle Helmets
    • Refrig­er­a­tors and Freezers
    • Sets of Crutches
    • Inex­pen­sive Cos­tume Jewelry
    • Sewing Machines

    Can you negotiate at pawn shops?

    Yes, Macon pawn shops will allow you to nego­ti­ate with them. But, the best way to do it is with respect and kind­ness. When they ask you how much you want, nice­ly decline to answer. Next, gen­tly insist that they make you an offer. After the Macon pawn shops make you an offer, it is time to hag­gle. Although it is accept­able to request a high­er amount, pawn shops often give their best offer first. How­ev­er, a pawn­bro­ker may find a lit­tle wig­gle room for you if you are polite about it.

    Is gold cheaper at pawn shops?

    In a word, yes. Pawn shops usu­al­ly have the low­est gold prices in town. We sug­gest com­par­i­son shop­ping every­where else first around first. Vis­it your favorite local pawn­bro­ker last to get the best deal on gold. Gold and jew­el­ry prices are high­er at retail stores. Mall stores, jew­el­ry stores, and depart­ment stores all sig­nif­i­cant­ly markup prices to do busi­ness. Because pawn shops are work­ing with a dif­fer­ent busi­ness markup, their prices tend to be much low­er. Like Howard’s Pawn & Jew­el­ry, pawn shops charge a frac­tion of the price for the same gold jew­el­ry sold in retail stores.

    Do pawn shops buy ammo?

    There are pawn shops that do buy ammu­ni­tion. Typ­i­cal­ly, when sell­ing a gun to a pawn shop, a sell­er will throw in their gun’s acces­sories and ammo as a pack­aged deal. The addi­tion of the ammo and acces­sories adds to the val­ue of the firearm. Macon pawn shops expect ammu­ni­tion to be in the orig­i­nal box to accept it, for the most part.

    What do pawn shops use to look up prices?

    Next time you walk into a pawn shop, ask them how they deter­mine the val­ue of the item? Most rep­utable Macon pawn shops will be hap­py to explain their process. At Howard’s Pawn & Jew­el­ry, we base each item’s val­ue on three things. The cur­rent appraisal val­ue, cur­rent con­di­tion, and abil­i­ty to sell an item are the three main con­sid­er­a­tions. In gen­er­al, pawn­bro­kers have advanced research tools that help them deter­mine val­ue. The goal is always to get you the most mon­ey for the item quickly.

    Buy, trade, pawn, or sell at Howard’s

    When you deal with a respect­ed local fam­i­ly busi­ness, like Howard’s, you can trust their long­stand­ing rep­u­ta­tion. If you want to buy, pawn, trade, or sell any of the items Macon pawn shops want, stop by Howard’s Pawn & Jew­el­ry. Call Howard’s Pawn & Jew­el­ry at 478–743‑5727.