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  • Get Better Gun Deals With These Pawnshop Gun-Buying Tips and Tricks

    For Macon gun deals, be sure to go to Howard’s Pawn and Jew­el­ry. Whether you are inter­est­ed in a new or used firearm, for the best prices, most exten­sive selec­tion, and the most atten­tive ser­vice Howard’s is the place. Here we are shar­ing our top pawn­shop gun-buy­ing tips. These tips will help you get the best Macon gun deals. 

    Tip 1: At Pawnshops, the Inventory Is Outrageous

    As far as inven­to­ry, you can expect to see weapons from pop­u­lar man­u­fac­tur­ers like Smith and Wes­son, Spring­field, and Glock. Do not be sur­prised to find pract­ly new hand­guns for sale. You nev­er know what is going to end at a pawn shop, espe­cial­ly at pawn­shops like Howard’s Pawn and Jew­el­ry, that buy old gun col­lec­tions and estate sale firearms

    Tip 2: Inspect Pawn Shop Guns Before You Buy

    Disassemble the Firearm At The Shop

    Before you pur­chase a gun at a pawn­shop, inspect it thor­ough­ly in the store. Ask the staff if it is ok to dis­as­sem­ble the firearm before you buy it. If you are unsure how to take the gun apart, ask the staff to assist you. Once apart, look for cracks, dents, breaks, repairs, and rust. Bring a clean cloth to wipe off to grime and cop­per fouling.

    Check the Barrel and Try the Trigger Before You Purchase

    Look through the bar­rel. Hold it up at dif­fer­ent angles to get a good look. You want the bar­rel to be smooth. Cop­per foul­ing is not a deal-break­er; on the oth­er hand, if you notice pit­ting and heavy rust, you might not want to make the pur­chase. After you reassem­ble the gun, try the trig­ger. Dry fir­ing a weapon is some­thing you do once or twice and not repeatedly. 

    Inspecting Antique Wooden Gunstocks

    At a pawn shop, antique guns with wood­en stocks will most like­ly have sur­face dings and a marred appear­ance. What you do not want is a wood­en gun­stock that is warped or feels weak. When inspect­ing the wood-to-met­al fin­ish, look for evi­dence of repairs, replace­ment parts, wear, and mold.

    Rifle Barrel Inspections

    If you want to pur­chase a rifle with a non-remov­able bar­rel, ensure it is unloaded, next check the bar­rel. To do this, insert a piece of paper into the open cham­ber to reflect light down into the gun bar­rel. The light should reveal whether the bar­rel is smooth or pitted. 

    Remove the Stock for Inspection

    Before you remove the stock, first ask for per­mis­sion from the pawn­shop staff. Once removed, look for cracks in the stock and scan for rust on the action below the stock-line. Light rust you can remove, but heavy rust is a bad sign.

    Valuable Antique Shotgun Inspecting

    The high­er the val­ue, the more you need to know to make a wise pur­chase with antique shot­guns. As when deal­ing with expen­sive col­lectibles of any sort, under­stand­ing pre­cise­ly how to iden­ti­fy signs of unau­then­tic­i­ty is para­mount. With that, if you note uno­rig­i­nal parts or the like, use it to nego­ti­ate an appro­pri­ate price reduction.

    Tip 3: How to Get the Best Macon Gun Deals

    Do Not Over Haggle — Be Fair

    Come by Howard’s Pawn and Jew­el­ry and meet the friend­ly, knowl­edge­able staff. Take a look at the mas­sive selec­tion of hand­guns, shot­guns, and rifles. You can hag­gle when buy­ing used weapons, but do not over­do it. If you see the price as fair, be respect­ful of that, and do not low ball every time. 

    Get Them Looking For You

    Anoth­er way to build rap­port with a pawn­shop, like Howard’s, is to ask your favorite staff mem­ber to watch for spe­cif­ic items you are in the mar­ket to buy. The shop will con­tact you when they find some­thing they think you will like. Pawn­bro­kers have all kinds of resources from the walk-in pawn­ers, to heir­loom estate sales, to pri­vate col­lec­tors that may be will­ing to part with what you want to own.

    Send Them Good Customers

    It also helps to refer peo­ple you know to the shop. Tell your refer­rals to men­tion you by name. Becom­ing an ide­al cus­tomer is an excel­lent way to get the best Macon gun deals.