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  • Are Pawn Shops the Best Place to Get Cash for Jewelry?

    Are Forsyth pawn shops the best place for jewelry deals?

    Yes, Forsyth pawn shops can be a good place to buy jew­el­ry. Typ­i­cal­ly, a pawn shop will have a wide vari­ety of jew­el­ry avail­able. But, before you rush out to a Forsyth pawn shop to shop, con­sid­er this. Ask your­self, where can you find thelow­est prices in townon jew­el­ry?

    forsyth-pawnWhere can I find the best jewelry deals in Middle Georgia?

    Every­body knows for jew­el­ry, big-box retail stores, mall dia­mond shops, and depart­ment stores have the high­est prices. A lot of con­sumers choose to pay out­ra­geous markups on jew­el­ry all the time. The fun­ny thing is that when times get tough, these retail con­sumers pawn and sell their jew­el­ry to pawn shops. Forsyth pawn shops sure­ly have bet­ter deals on jew­el­ry than big box stores. But why set­tle for that when Macon is the place for the best jew­el­ry deals.

    Do pawn shops pay instant cash for jewelry?

    Most Forsyth pawn shops will buyjew­el­ryfrom you or allow you to pawn it. When you sell jew­el­ry to a pawn shop, you will usu­al­ly get cash or paper mon­ey. The amount of a pawn loan or cash offer varies from shop to shop. You can vis­it sev­er­al pawn shops around Forsyth get­ting offers. After you go around get­ting offers from dif­fer­ent pawn shops, go to down­town Macon.

    Where do Forsyth pawn shops get the jewelry in their stores?

    Pawn shops in Forsyth always have a lot of jew­el­ry avail­able, but from where does it come? Forsyth pawn shops buy jew­el­ry from cus­tomers out­right. But, some­times, they get jew­el­ry anoth­er way. Sup­pose you pawn a piece of jew­el­ry and decide not to repay the pawn loan. In this case, you keep the cash. How­ev­er, you also sur­ren­der the jew­el­ry col­lat­er­al on the unpaid pawn loan. That is why jew­el­ry is a high per­cent­age of the inven­to­ry you see at most pawn shops. A pawn shop will typ­i­cal­ly buy jew­el­ry they know they will be able to sell quick­ly. You can sell a valu­able piece of jew­el­ry for quick cash pay­ment or pawn it for a col­lat­er­al loan. Either way, at the right pawn shop, you will get a fair deal.

    Do pawn shops want jewelry as collateral for pawn loans?

    Yes, pawn shops in Forsyth, as well as Macon, and else­where glad­ly accept jew­el­ry as col­lat­er­al for cash pawns. But not all jew­el­ry is accept­able. In fact, there is plen­ty of jew­el­ry out there that looks good but has no pawn val­ue. Do not assume that you know what your jew­el­ry is worth. At, Howards Pawn & Jew­el­ry will eval­u­ate and inspect your jew­el­ry for free. This includes test­ing to tell you what the pre­cious met­al con­tent is be it gold, plat­inum, or ster­ling silver.

    How do you sell jewelry at pawn shops?

    Here are sev­er­al point­ers to help you get the most val­ue for jew­el­ry at a pawn shop. Make sure the jew­el­ry looks as per­fect as pos­si­ble. Find the orig­i­nal box and papers, receipt and war­ran­ty, appraisals, and oth­er stuff that goes with the jew­el­ry. Bring all these items with you. Also, bring­ing any extra bracelet links is of immense value.

    Can I get more cash in Macon when pawning and selling jewelry?

    Howard’s Pawn & Jew­el­ry on Mer­cer pays out more for a piece of jew­el­ry than oth­er near­by pawn shops. Our exact address is 3171 Mer­cer Uni­ver­si­ty Dri­ve Macon, GA 31204. Use any geolo­ca­tion appli­ca­tion of dig­i­tal maps device to find us with that spe­cif­ic address easily.Like Forsyth pawn shops, Howards Pawn & Jew­el­ry has con­ve­nient hours. Please vis­it us from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Mon­day through Fri­day. We also have Sat­ur­day open hours all day from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Reach out to the friend­ly staff at Howards Pawn & Jew­el­ry at 478–743-5727 before you turn to a Forsyth pawn shop for cash.