The 5 Most Common Items Seen by Gold Pawn Dealers

What are the most common items gold pawn dealers see in their shops? Some items on this list may surprise you.


If you are plan­ning to vis­it a gold pawn deal­er, you may won­der about the most com­mon items they see. Which gold items bring the most val­ue? Do you have some­thing in your pos­ses­sion that could give you a sig­nif­i­cant pawn loan? Keep read­ing to learn more from the experts at Howard’s Pawn & Jew­el­ry.


5 Most Com­mon Items Gold Pawn Deal­ers See

Gold pawn deal­ers tend to see it all. Some of the items cus­tomers bring in don’t actu­al­ly con­tain gold, so they don’t have a lot of val­ue, while oth­er pieces can blow cus­tomer’s pawn loan expec­ta­tions out of the water. The top five most com­mon items gold pawn deal­ers see come through their doors include:

#1: Gold Jew­el­ry

From wed­ding bands and engage­ment rings to brooches, neck­laces, and ear­rings, jew­el­ry is the num­ber one gold item peo­ple bring to the pawn shop. It also tends to be one of the items that brings cus­tomers the most mon­ey for a pawn loan. Gold jew­el­ry in good con­di­tion is high­ly valu­able due to its pop­u­lar­i­ty. Every­one loves good qual­i­ty jew­el­ry!

#2: Gold Watch­es

Like jew­el­ry, gold watch­es are pop­u­lar and valu­able in the pawn shop indus­try. If you have a brand name gold watch you are con­sid­er­ing for a pawn loan, chances are good you will be hap­py with the val­ue it offers. You can typ­i­cal­ly walk away with a nice stack of cash, espe­cial­ly if the watch is in good con­di­tion. Top brands include Rolex, Aude­mars Piguet, Carti­er, Jaeger, Omega, and Tiffany & Co.

#3: Gold Coins and Bul­lion

Do you have a col­lec­tion of gold coins passed down from rel­a­tives? Or per­haps you pur­chased it years ago. In either case, gold coins can be valu­able items to gold pawn deal­ers. The rar­er the gold coins are, the more val­ue they can bring.

Gold bul­lion is also a hot item at pawn shops. When it comes to gold bul­lion coins, bars, ingots, and rounds, pawn shops will deter­mine the val­ue based on the weight in grams or troy ounces. There are sev­er­al brands of gold bars and rounds, includ­ing John­son Matthey, Her­aeus, Aus­tralian Mint, Engel­hard, and Cred­it Suisse.

#4: Den­tal Gold

Can the gold from den­tal crowns, caps, and par­tials be worth some­thing? Yes, they can. Den­tal scrap can be melt­ed into gold bars and rounds, mak­ing them valu­able to gold pawns. Whether you have one piece or mul­ti­ple pieces, some pawn shops may be inter­est­ed.

#5: Gold Scraps

If you have gold jew­el­ry scraps, bro­ken or even mis­matched gold ear­rings, pieces of gold chains, lock­ets, or charms, they may bring you more val­ue than you expect with a gold pawn deal­er. Often, cus­tomers will gath­er up all the gold scraps and jew­el­ry pieces they can find, put them into a bag, and bring them into the pawn shop to find out how much they can get.

Do You Have Gold Items to Bring to a Gold Pawn Deal­er?

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