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  • Pawn A Diamond Engagement Ring For Quick Cash

    Perry Pawn Patrons Drive into Macon to Pawn

    Per­ry pawn patrons often come to Macon for the best pawn loans. When you have an engage­ment ring you do not wear any­more, why not turn it into cash. You may be sur­prised how much cash it is worth. Every­body in Per­ry loves Howard’s Pawn & Jew­el­ry. And they have a good rea­son. The famous down­town Macon pawn shop is the best place to pawn in Mid­dle Geor­gia. Times are noth­ing if not crazy, so whether you need cash now or not, tomor­row is anoth­er day. Any­thing can hap­pen and hav­ing some finan­cial wig­gle room is always a good thing. Per­ry pawn cus­tomers can get more for an engage­ment ring in Macon at Howard’s Pawn & Jewelry.

    perry-pawnAn Engagement Ring Equals Fast Cash

    What usu­al­ly hap­pens to an engage­ment ring when the mar­riage does not hap­pen? In the old­en days, one per­son would typ­i­cal­ly buy an engage­ment ring and pur­pose mar­riage to some­one. The typ­i­cal engage­ment ring eti­quette was that the engage­ment ring would return to the ring giv­er in two cas­es. The ring goes back when the breakup is mutu­al and when the engage­ment ring receiv­er calls off the nup­tials. On the oth­er hand, if the per­son who buys the ring and calls off the mar­riage, they go with­out the ring. But these are the engage­ment prac­tices of yes­ter­year. Things are dif­fer­ent now, and there are all sorts of rea­sons you may have an old engage­ment ring in a draw­er some­where in Per­ry, GA.

    Perry Pawn Patrons Use Engagement Rings as Collateral

    Do you want to pay down debt, start an emer­gency fund, or remod­el your home? Unfore­seen med­ical bills or home repair expens­es may have you search­ing for fast cash. That engage­ment ring you have not worn in years can be your gold­en tick­et. No mat­ter what finan­cial goal you have, an engage­ment ring can be a good form of col­lat­er­al. You can get a col­lat­er­al loan eas­i­ly with a dia­mond engage­ment ring.

    Pawn Loans Are Collateral Loans

    A col­lat­er­al loan is a loan where you receive mon­ey based on the val­ue of a spe­cif­ic asset you own. Finan­cial insti­tu­tions and banks offer col­lat­er­al loans typ­i­cal­ly called secured loans. For a secured loan, the bor­row­er uses a house or car as col­lat­er­al mak­ing the loan less risky for the lender. Oth­er unse­cured loans are not col­lat­er­al-based and are based on your cred­it­wor­thi­ness. A pawn loan is a type of col­lat­er­al loan. Per­ry pawn reg­u­lars know pawn­ing is easy. You bor­row cash based on the val­ue of an asset. In turn, the pawn shop holds your asset, like an engage­ment ring, as col­lat­er­al until you repay the loan. If you choose not to repay the pawn loan, you give up your col­lat­er­al. But the cash is yours to keep. No has­sle. No cred­it checks. Just instant cash. Done and done.

    Howard’s Pawn & Jewelry Welcomes New Customers

    Get­ting a pawn loan at a pawn shop is one of the eas­i­est ways to get fast cash. It is an ancient way for peo­ple to get cash loans out­side of the bank­ing indus­try. Bank loan approvals can take weeks or longer. Not the case with cash pawn loans. The com­plete process takes about thir­ty min­utes. If you usu­al­ly are a Per­ry pawn shop cus­tomer, see what you can get in Per­ry. Then take your col­lat­er­al to Macon. March straight into Howard’s Pawn & Jew­el­ry with your engage­ment ring for a bet­ter deal. What have you got to lose?