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  • Did You Know You Can Pawn Old U.S. Coins?

    Do You Know Where To Pawn Old U.S. Coins In Macon?

    The place to pawn old U.S. coins in Macon is down­town at Howard’s Pawn and Jew­el­ry. Those old U.S. coins buried in your base­ment or stashed in your attic might fetch a pret­ty pen­ny. You might be won­der­ing how long it will take to find out what your old U.S. coins are worth. To be hon­est, it will not take long at all. In fact, Howard Reid and his team will make you a cash offer right away if they want your old U.S. coins. You decide whether you wish to pawn old U.S.coins in Macon or sell out­right. Either way, you walk out with cash in hand.

    If You Are Sitting On Relics, Is Time To Sell It?

    If you do not know how to use it, an idol sewing machine will prob­a­bly be doing no good. Maybe you inher­it­ed an old U.S. coin col­lec­tion passed down to you that now gath­ers dust. You might be sur­prised to find out that old, antique, and vin­tage U.S. coins have value. 

    Look At The Date On Old U.S. Coins To Check Value

    The lit­mus test for old U.S. coins val­ue is its date. Try to read the year on the coin. Is it unimag­in­ably old? If so, it might con­tain pre­cious met­als, and that is good. Oth­er than com­mem­o­ra­tive coins, the major­i­ty of Unit­ed States coins mint­ed after 1964 do not con­tain pre­cious met­als and are not worth a great deal. 

    Pawn Old U.S. Coins in Macon

    What you are look­ing for is the old U.S.coins that con­tain pre­cious met­als and that pawn­shops will buy. These are some of the coins you may have that we will buy: 

    U.S. Morgan Silver Dollars 1935 and before

    U.S. Peace Silver Dollars 1935 and before

    U.S. Half Dollars 1970 and before

    U.S. Dimes 1964 and before

    U.S. Quarters 1964 and before

    What We Do Not Buy

    Except for cer­ti­fied, lim­it­ed-issue, spe­cial-edi­tion coins or key date coins, we do not buy any of the fol­low­ing coins:

    Lincoln Pennies

    Wheat Pennies

    Jefferson Nickels

    Buffalo Nickels

    State Quarters

    Eisenhower Dollars

    Susan B. Anthony Dollars

    Presidential Dollars

    Sacagawea Dollars

    Research The Value

    If you are look­ing to sell your old U.S. coins, search online com­plet­ed sales involv­ing sim­i­lar mod­els. What you are look­ing for is how much recent buy­ers have paid for items like yours. LiveAuc­tion­eers’ Auc­tion Price Results Data­base is a free online research tool with dai­ly recent­ly sold results updates and his­tor­i­cal results dat­ing back to 1999. This data­base is a valu­able tool to research and deter­mine the val­ue of almost any­thing. Go to liveauctioneers.com Join for free. Go to Find Auc­tions—click Past Auc­tion Results in the drop­down menu.

    Also, bring doc­u­men­ta­tion with you like grad­ing cer­tifi­cates, authen­tic­i­ty paper­work, appraisals, and the like. If the old U.S. coin has a unique his­to­ry, evi­dence of that can up the val­ue when you want to pawn old U.S. coins in Macon.

    Get Hassle-Free Cash Today

    Know­ing what old U.S. coins like yours have sold for recent­ly is essen­tial. From these num­bers, decide what you will take for your old U.S. coins. Keep in mind that when deal­ing with a pawn­shop, you avoid the time-con­sum­ing and dan­ger­ous has­sle of meet­ing up with and sell­ing to a stranger. On top of avoid­ing that, you will get the top deal in Macon when you go to Howard’s Jew­el­ry and Pawn. At least that is what their sat­is­fied cus­tomers say. Howard’s Pawn and Jew­el­ry is a local fam­i­ly busi­ness serv­ing Macon res­i­dents since 2001. You will prob­a­bly find Howard behind the pawn counter, help­ing friend­ly cus­tomers. Expect first-class ser­vice from one of the top experts on firearms, coins, and mil­i­tary col­lectibles in Georgia.