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    Are Macon pawnshops a good place to buy jewelry?

    In a word, yes. Macon pawn­shops typ­i­cal­ly have a wide selec­tion of unique jew­el­ry for sale for the low­est prices in town. You can expect to get a lot more for your mon­ey than you would at any big box, mall, or depart­ment store. On top of that, you can often get the most val­ue with trade up deals. These are deals between you and the pawn­bro­ker where you trade in what you have for some­thing at the shop.


    How much do pawn shops pay for jewelry?

    Most Macon pawn­shops will buy jew­el­ry from cus­tomers out­right. The amount paid varies from shop to shop. Sev­er­al fac­tors play into the amount a pawn shop pays out for a par­tic­u­lar piece of jew­el­ry. Style, qual­i­ty, intrin­sic val­ue, and cur­rent demand are con­sid­er­a­tions. You can esti­mate the val­ue of your gold jew­el­ry before you talk to a pawn shop. Hav­ing an idea of the cur­rent mar­ket val­ue of what you have will help you get the best deal.

    What is gold jewelry worth?

    Here is the good news; real gold jew­el­ry always has val­ue. You will need the fol­low­ing infor­ma­tion to esti­mate what gold jew­el­ry is worth:

    Gold prices fluc­tu­ate through­out the day and from day to day, so it is best to check the price of gold when you want to sell yours. Usu­al­ly, the trad­ing price of gold is in US Dol­lars per troy ounce of gold. Please note that 1 troy ounce = 1.09714286 ounces = 31.1034768 grams.

    The val­ue of your gold jew­el­ry is depen­dant on its weight. Weigh your gold and take note of how many grams you have. Con­vert grams to pen­ny­weight (1 pen­ny­weight = 1.55 grams) or troy ounces (1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams) if necessary.

    The puri­ty of your gold fac­tors when esti­mat­ing its val­ue along with the num­ber of grams. When deter­mi­nat­ing puri­ty, we turn to the stamp or hall­mark. These are the tiny let­ters and num­bers found in hard to see places on jew­el­ry. Here are the com­mon stamps to look for on gold and their cor­re­spond­ing puri­ty. 10K or 10KT = 10 Karat Gold = 41.7% Gold; 14K or 14KT = 14 Karat Gold = 58.5% Gold; 18K or 18KT = 18 Karat Gold = 75.0% Gold

    Calculating Market Value

    If gold is trad­ing for $1,850.00 USD/troy ounce, for a five-gram 14-karat gold chain, the melt val­ue has a mar­ket price of $174.00 as fol­lows: Gold Price USD/troy ounce x 1 troy ounce/31.1034768 grams x % Gold x Weight grams = Mar­ket Val­ue or $1,850.00/31.1 x .585 x 5 = $174.00. Now, you know the mar­ket price of your gold jew­el­ry’s melt val­ue, but remem­ber that a pawn shop offer will be less than that. Of course, what a pawn shop pays for gold jew­el­ry must allow them to prof­it on resale.

    What do Macon pawnshops do with jewelry?

    Macon pawn­shops sell jew­el­ry they buy from cus­tomers and col­lat­er­al jew­el­ry on unclaimed loans. That is why jew­el­ry rep­re­sents a high per­cent­age of the inven­to­ry you see at most pawn shops. A pawn shop will typ­i­cal­ly buy jew­el­ry they know they will be able to sell quick­ly. You can sell a valu­able piece of jew­el­ry for quick cash pay­ment or pawn it for a col­lat­er­al loan. Either way, at the right pawn shop, you will get a fair deal.

    Do pawn shops sell real jewelry?

    You can be sure that Macon pawn­shops eval­u­ate and inspect jew­el­ry com­plete­ly. Test­ing is stan­dard prac­tice to deter­mine the pre­cious met­al con­tent and the true val­ue of jew­el­ry they buy, sell, trade, or accept as col­lat­er­al for a pawn. Look for the best gold watch prices at Howard’s Pawn & Jewelry.

    How do you sell jewelry at Macon pawnshops?

    Here are a few tips that will help you when you take jew­el­ry into Macon pawn­shops. Know what the jew­el­ry is worth. Refer to the method we detail above for esti­mat­ing val­ue and find the val­ue before you go to a shop. Make your jew­el­ry look as good as pos­si­ble. Bring the orig­i­nal box, papers, receipt, war­ran­ty, appraisals, and any­thing else you have con­cern­ing the jew­el­ry with you. You can nego­ti­ate if you do it polite­ly and always treat every­one at Macon pawn­shops with respect.

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